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Leadership Acceleration and Development Program


Our two years Management Trainee Program and professional team will develop your Business Management and Leadership Skills to become Future Leader of Gunung Sewu

“I get exposure to different Business Leaders. Learn how to develop business model and develop strategy. The environment is very entrepreneurial, I feel confident and courageous to make decisions.”

-Meutia Arsanti, LEAD 2016 #LEADLiveTestimony


Get started to learn professional life with impact!

Gunung Sewu Internship Program offers university students both local and overseas, a meaningful work assignments in range position across Gunung Sewu core businesses (Food, Insurance, Property, and Manufacturing) and across function.

“Fantastic! I’m happy working at Gunung Sewu. Learned how to manage by project, how to work in a team and build relationship with your supervisor.”

-Edbert Himawan, IT Intern





to bring you to an interactive discussion on social entrepreneurship with well known entrepreneurs! On top of this, we will be having Business Case Competition for Youth like you to showcase your skills in solving real social problems. Last but not least, this will be a great opportunity for you to build network with Gunung Sewu Leaders and Talents!

Nuryani Dwi Kartika
"There are many rooms for improvement and challenges in the future which in line with the increasing of healthy lifestyle in Indonesia. I am proud to be part of the team.” - Head of F&B Safety and Quality, Rejuve - Nuryani Dwi Kartika
Michael Halim
I do really enjoy the experience and relish the competitive nature of the frozen foods business. I must say that working in here has given me opportunities to learn and grow myself as a professional and a business man." - Michael Halim, Channel Development Supervisor, Belfoods. - Michael Halim
Always question yourself, on what can you do differently, everyday. The result will follow. - Anjar
Always put a hundred percent of passion and hard work, it beats talent every time - Rayhan
I've got a chance to lead people and collaborate. It surely upgrades my leadership - Anjar
I learn how to adapt and how to communicate with people that has different styles - Rayhan
The company is open to fresh, bold and even crazy ideas. They even encouraged you to bring it to life - Anjar