How to Adapt Faster in the New Working Environment for Fresh Graduates?

Are you a college student who just graduated from your university? Still have no idea how does the working environment feels like?

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Having a new job after you’re graduated from college should be proud and can boast your confidence. But, college environment is not same with working environment. Imagine that you will facing many people from various experience and background, and they would be the people you should deal with. Fresh graduates, especially for them who are in their first time join in a company, often have difficulties to adapt with new working environment. Office society, working environment, multiple tasks, dealing with superior, communicate your idea to the senior, meeting, and another working activities often make the fresh graduates feel confused and stress.

But, you always have chance for learning. Here’s the tips for starting your career:

  1. Take care of your attitude

Firstly and foremost, this is the most basic yet most important thing from all points that you should do. Keep in mind, the company will prefer to employ the well-manner employee & develop their competencies rather than employee who’s having good competencies but lack in attitudes. Attitudes become the most basic thing before you’re going to the next step. You may have good skills in doing your job, but if you don’t greet your colleagues in lift, or you laugh too loud in the office room while the others still working, your competencies may not be considered.

  1. Change your mindset

When you’re in college, you just focus on your assignment. You tend to not care of what others people thinking, and you just want to be yourself. In working life, you must adjust yourself with the other people and situation.

  1. Always want to learn

Having no experience but must accomplish the project which delegate to you can make you worry or stress. That’s why, be a fast learner! List-down of your daily jobs & target, always want to hear the input from your senior, proactive to find the detail of your job, join the training and seminar can increase your knowledge and improve your skills. Getting involved and do the additional tasks, attending the meeting, working overtime, accept the bigger challenges from your superior can make your experiences going to the next level.

  1. Being proactive!

In order to adjust with your new job or dealing with your colleagues, you must be proactive. Start to greet your colleagues when you meet them in lift, greet your superior, asking them if they need some help, asking them to join lunch with you, or start to have chit-chat with the simple things. Keep smile to whoever you meet would be great. Express your interest in your job and your idea, even you’re fresh graduates.

  1. Dressed properly

Feel confused for what you should wear to the office? Do the research can help you. You can start to find out about the company practice, how the employee in the company usually dressed. For your first day, use the formal outfit will be safer. Always remember, better to wear more formal outfit than wear casual for the early of your working day, especially when you have meeting or training. Your office outfit should be different from your outfit when you’re going to college, right?

  1. Build your network

Not only build your own competencies, but the networking also very important. Start to join the community in your office, participate in office activities, training & seminar, and build your personal branding through social media. These would be give you great impact for your next career.


So, keep trying!

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